Buy Funcam vip & Forever vip Server vip Package 12 Months



-Forever Vip Package / Funcam Vip Package
Manuel Payment : To purchase , Contact Me Via Whatsapp

-We accepte Binance, bitcoin, Usdt
-delivery Time: 1-60 Minutes (working hours)
-No refund under any condition
-We are not responsible If the server stop working before the expiration date.

To Order Contact us in Whatsapp

Resellers Panel

Available Reseller panel (Funcam , gshare , forever , vip package , nashare …)

متوفر بانل للسيرفرات خاصة بالتجار و الموزعين باسعار رائعة

For resselers We accepte only this Payment methods: Wise , Paysera , Binance , Crypto (Usdt , bitcoin …)

VIP Package Subscriptions Are Available (Not guaranteed)

vip package server

Forever VIP & Funcam VIP Open ” DSTV channels “Eutelesat 36E” And some channels of Be SPORTS 7W / 26E.

How to subscribe to VIP package?

1- Send us the serial number of your device (Menu > system setting > STB)

2- Make sure the signal quality is good

3- Subscription delivery does not exceed 1 hour of work.

الخاصة بأجهزة فانكام و فوريفر فاتحة لقنوات be sports على النايلسات (VIP Package) متوفر اشتراكات

Important :

*Once the serial number has been renewed, we can no longer cancel the purchase.

*The subscription and the availability of the channels are guaranteed by the supplier ( a seller of services).

*the supplier remains solely responsible for the content of its packages and the availability of the channels included in its offer.

*Some channels or packages may be temporarily unavailable, this is totally beyond our control.

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